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When I’m not creating artwork, you can find me meandering through a museum or botanical garden, collecting fallen foliage, reading, trying a new recipe, writing poetry, listening to music, or taking a walk. 

About Annette

Hey there, I’m Annette – so nice to have you here! I am a visual artist, illustrator, and surface pattern designer from the Midwestern region of the United States. 

From my perspective art reflects history – through application of materials, advancements in medium, function, sociocultural themes, evolution of aesthetics – I think that art in relation to the human experience is all-encompassing. My hope is that my artwork honors the past while holding its space in the present. 

In my work, I aim to create aesthetically pleasing illustrations and pattern designs that can hang or contribute to the function of a space for decades to come. 

I am available to partner with studios and brands as a freelance illustrator or surface pattern designer. Feel free to email me: hello(at)annettefbrown.com if you would like to connect.