Sewing Project – First Weekend in May

Over the weekend I completed a sewing project for myself and other projects for family members.

In the future, I would like to share step-by-step sewing project tutorials, but for now, I’ll only be showing finished projects. I’m the kind of person who will start out documenting the process but then I get so wrapped up in the project, that I forget to record all the steps. I’ll work on that.

In the meantime, here is a pillow that I made using my “Be Gentle” design. I used one fat quarter of “Be Gentle” and on the back side, I used a fat quarter of my “Tossed Branches” design. Here is the final result:

"Be Gentle" Hand-Drawn Floral Design Project Example
Finished pillow along with a box cushion

This project was a great addition to the box cushion you see on the floor. It’s become the perfect cushion to use while reading or listening to music.

Sewing Project Materials

Before getting all wrapped up in this project, I was able to take a few photographs of some of the basic supplies used to create this pillow.

Sewing project materials.

In addition to the two fabrics previously mentioned, I re-used a zipper that was about 18 inches long. Also, I cut two small rectangles from the longer fabric to create zipper tabs that act as a stopping point and simply make the zipper more aesthetically pleasing.

Whenever I sew pillows, I also like to create my own pillow insert using olefin fabric – that’s the gray fabric to the left. Usually I sew it to the same dimensions of the pillow cover so that the pillow is nice a full.

Although I used a sewing machine, it is possible to use fabric glue or other fabric-friendly adhesives to get the same result as me. YouTube has a treasure trove of no-sew projects.

If you’re curious about Spoonflower’s jersey knit fabrics, here’s a close-up of the two I used:

Organic Cotton Knit fabric, "Tossed Branches" design
Organic Cotton Knit fabric, “Tossed Branches” design
Cotton Spandex Jersey fabric, "Be Gentle" design
Cotton Spandex Jersey fabric, “Be Gentle” design

Knit fabrics tend to have a “heather” or “feathery” look to them. Not everyone likes this look, but there are so many alternative options on Spoonflower that can be applied to any design.

If interested, Tossed Branches is a blender design in four colors and can be found, here. Be Gentle is also available in four color palettes, here. These are two of over 100 designs in my shop.

Sewing is a relaxing hobby for me; I am by no means a professional sewist. But I understand the basics well enough to share fun and functional projects with others. Over time, I will share more sewing project ideas as well as art and design tutorials.

I hope that you have had a good start to the month of May. If you have questions or even post ideas, feel free to share in the comments section below.

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